Subscribers will not only become part of this democratic forum but will also know that they are supporting independent journalism and helping to preserve our rich culture and history for generations yet to be born. LAFZ Magazine aims to help to create a future that is progressive and yet firmly based on the strengths of the past.

Readers Comments

LAFZ is a rare project indeed, which started off on a limited note but has grown into a hugely significant voice.  There is a huge variety of in- formation with articles and videos of great depth, produced from the right angle… a non partisan, objective and open and honest angle, making LAFZ one of those rare publications which can be referenced as a source of significant and reliable information.

The quality of the magazine, the website and the calibre of production of their events are of the highest standard

Syed Talat HussainJournalist and news anchor

LAFZ is a wonderful concept.  My own life was transformed after visiting Pakistan.  The scenic beauty, culinary delights, architectural magnificence and hospitality of the people left an indelible mark on my life. It’s a shame that Pakistan is portrayed so negatively.  LAFZ has embarked on a voyage to redress the misconceptions and bring to the public the true picture of Pakistan.  The publication recognises that education for the masses is the only way to develop a society and I hope you fully support the project. Great work LAFZ.

Kristiane Backer TV presenter, journalist and author

I don’t usually read magazines of any kind.  I am a continuing student and have interest in reading into religious and social development in South Asia, political philosophy, development and impact of religion on Middle Eastern and Asian societies.  But just looking at the content of the magazine, the topics it has touched on, the quality of the print, it really has taken me by surprise.  I was always wondering why your magazine is so highly priced and now seeing the quality of it, I can understand.  You have touched on topics most magazines and newspapers won’t discuss much, or go into in depth, to a mature audience, rather than regurgitating the regular information we all know and a few highlights of recent development.  I wish your magazine all the best ahead.

Mo MohsinBirmingham, United Kingdom

LAFZ magazine is in the great tradition of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Quaid-e-Azam, in promoting a tolerant, just, and democratic Pakistan, but, above all, in its commitment to education and knowl-edge.  Education should be at the heart of every great people and nation for providing a solid foundation for its future, and knowledge is at the heart of Islam. Ilm, meaning knowledge, is the second most used word in the Quran, and the Holy Prophet teaches us that: “The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr.” LAFZ, or words, thus provides a great service to Pakistanis – both in Pakistan and abroad – and reminds them, in today’s turbulent world, of their proud history and cultural heritage.

Akbar S. AhmadIbn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington, D.C.

It’s great to know that the diaspora community has started such an important initiative in the name of Pakistan.  Good luck for your work and Insha’Allah this magazine will be a very big success in the UK, Pakistan and beyond.

Xenab AnsariFashion designer, Karachi, Pakistan

One thing I really find valuable about LAFZ magazine is the fact that you openly discuss issues concerning minority religions.  It’s vital that people understand that the white part of the flag represents non-muslims like me.  Although small in number we make a significant contribution to Pakistan.  I hope you can provide a platform to discuss the prejudices in the Blasphemy law and somehow generate enough momentum to possibly have it abolished. It’s difficult living under this pressure.


Maryam MiahLondon, United Kingdon

LAFZ magazine demonstrates a genuine passion and love for Pakistan, a continuous drive to bring Pakistanis and also people from different countries together, through the softness of words.

LAFZ magazine also strives to discuss and inform about peoples faiths, beliefs, open-mindedness and education with a view to promoting a unique awareness and understanding of the great talents that we hold as Pakistanis.

Carla KhanFormer squash player

The Pakistani community I am sure will be impressed when they see the qualities of LAFZ and will encourage its services to the community and to bring them together for the larger interest of the British Community.

I wish LAFZ magazine all the success in this venture.  I want you to play a decisive, constructive and positive role in generating the stimulation and integration of the various communities so that all reasons for discontent are removed in the course of time.

Wajid Shamsul HasanJournalist and former Pakistani High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

LAFZ Magazine is one of the best publications I have ever seen.  I have been impressed in particular with the spirit your project possesses for Pakistan and that was the main attraction for me to assist whenever it was required.

Nafees ZakariaPakistani diplomat

I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent mix of articles and presentations in the magazine.  I am passing it on to friends for introduction and comments.

Qaiser MalikBradford, United Kingdom

It is so good to see Pakistanis like you doing such good work through LAFZ magazine to promote Pakistani people, culture and music.  This exercise is vital both to improve our image in the world and to bring back the pride to our people.  Keep up the good work.

Adnan SarwarActor, singer and director from Lahore, Pakistan