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Pakistan has spent roughly half its 71-year history under military rule, and the imbalance of power in between civilian governments and the armed forces has long been seen as an impediment to democracy, stability and progress.

The demand for a prosperous life for the masses that Imran Khan’s PTI (Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf) promised with the slogan of a Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan) ushered in great hopes in last year’s general elections.



The PTI emerged as the majority party by winning the country’s general elections with a strong presence in all provinces.

Imran Khan took the helm of a country on the verge of an ecological disaster and an economic bombshell.

He will also need to address the foreign policy challenges facing Pakistan and tackle the root causes of extremism. The PTI’s promise for better governance and addressing the rampant corruption that has plagued the country did strike a chord with the masses.

Critics accuse Khan and his team of inexperience and questioned whether his promises for a Naya Pakistan will come to fruition.

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