LAFZ Magazine is published in hard copy and available on subscription


Highlights from the latest issue of LAFZ Magazine


The printed version of LAFZ Magazine appears quarterly.  We pride ourselves in obtaining the inside story to many political events.  Our regular feature writers give us their personal opinions on the events of the day, often with a touch of humour.  We cover politics in both the United Kingdom and Pakistan.  We also cover social issues, culture, fashion and sport with plenty to interest both sexes.  We cover religion, not only Islam but also the minority religions of Pakistan.  We are well-known for our magnificent colour photography and these appear to advantage in printed form.


This is how LAFZ Magazine started off.  We hope that now that work on the new website has been finalised we will be able to publish rather more frequently than in the past.  At the time of writing our nineteen back issues are not yet available for those of you who like to browse but we are working on this.  We hope that over the forthcoming months we will once again be able to make all back issues easily available and we hope that regular readers will find texts clearer and more legible than they may previously have been.  It is our intention to keep abreast of new technology and new forms of publication as they appear so that in future comment on the news will appear shortly after the events commented on.